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 8 trikova da ubrzate vas FIREFOX

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Location : Krusevac
Datum upisa : 31.10.2007

PočaljiNaslov: 8 trikova da ubrzate vas FIREFOX   Pon Nov 10, 2008 1:30 am

1. Enable pipelining

Browsers are normally very polite, sending
a request to a server then waiting for a response before continuing.
Pipelining is a more aggressive technique that lets them send multiple
requests before any responses are received, often reducing page
download times. To enable it, type about:config in the address bar,
double-click network.http.pipelining and network.http.proxy.pipelining
so their values are set to true, then double-click
network.http.pipelining.maxrequests and set this to 8.

Keep in
mind that some servers don’t support pipelining, though, and if
you regularly visit a lot of these then the tweak can actually reduce
performance. Set network.http.pipelining and
network.http.proxy.pipelining to false again if you have any problems.

2. Render quickly

complex web pages can take a while to download. Firefox doesn’t
want to keep you waiting, so by default will display what it’s
received so far every 0.12 seconds (the “content notify
interval”). While this helps the browser feel snappy, frequent
redraws increase the total page load time, so a longer content notify
interval will improve performance.

Type about:config and press
[Enter], then right-click (Apple users ctrl-click) somewhere in the
window and select New > Integer. Type content.notify.interval as
your preference name, click OK, enter 500000 (that’s five hundred
thousand, not fifty thousand) and click OK again.

again in the window and select New > Boolean. This time create a
value called content.notify.ontimer and set it to True to finish the

3. Faster loading

If you haven’t moved your
mouse or touched the keyboard for 0.75 seconds (the content switch
threshold) then Firefox enters a low frequency interrupt mode, which
means its interface becomes less responsive but your page loads more
quickly. Reducing the content switch threshold can improve performance,
then, and it only takes a moment.

Type about:config and press
[Enter], right-click in the window and select New > Integer. Type
content.switch.threshold, click OK, enter 250000 (a quarter of a
second) and click OK to finish.

4. No interruptions

can take the last step even further by telling Firefox to ignore user
interface events altogether until the current page has been downloaded.
This is a little drastic as Firefox could remain unresponsive for quite
some time, but try this and see how it works for you.

about:config, press [Enter], right-click in the window and select New
> Boolean. Type content.interrupt.parsing, click OK, set the value
to False and click OK.

5. Block Flash

Intrusive Flash
animations are everywhere, popping up over the content you actually
want to read and slowing down your browsing. Fortunately there’s
a very easy solution. Install the Flashblock extension
( and it’ll block all Flash applets from
loading, so web pages will display much more quickly. And if you
discover some Flash content that isn’t entirely useless, just
click its placeholder to download and view the applet as normal.

6. Increase the cache size

you browse the web so Firefox stores site images and scripts in a local
memory cache, where they can be speedily retrieved if you revisit the
same page. If you have plenty of RAM (2 GB of more), leave Firefox
running all the time and regularly return to pages then you can improve
performance by increasing this cache size. Type about:config and press
[Enter], then right-click anywhere in the window and select New >
Integer. Type browser.cache.memory.capacity, click OK, enter 65536 and
click OK, then restart your browser to get the new, larger cache.

7. Enable TraceMonkey

is a new Firefox feature that converts slow Javascript into
super-speedy x86 code, and so lets it run some functions anything up to
20 times faster than the current version. It’s still buggy so
isn’t available in the regular Firefox download yet, but if
you’re willing to risk the odd crash or two then there’s an
easy way to try it out.

Install the latest nightly build (,
launch it, type about:config in the address bar and press Enter. Type
JIT in the filter box, then double-click
and javascript.options.jit.content to change their values to true, and
that’s it - you’re running the fastest Firefox Javascript
engine ever.

8. Compress data

If you’ve a slow
internet connection then it may feel like you’ll never get
Firefox to perform properly, but that’s not necessarily true.
Install ( and this clever Java applet will
re-route your web traffic through its own server, compressing it at the
same time, so there’s much less to download. And it can even
compress JPEGs by allowing you to reduce their quality. This all helps
to cut your data transfer, useful if you’re on a limited 1
GB-per-month account, and can at best double your browsing performance.


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8 trikova da ubrzate vas FIREFOX
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